Permission Letters

A permission letter is a letter that is officially used to seek written permission. Be it in big institutes, companies, or small organizations this is one of the most reliable and trusted methods for seeking permission as it can be recorded and archived. There are multiple scenarios where one may be required to write a permission letter to higher authorities. Some of the common scenarios are permission to take leave, permission to travel, permission to conduct a site survey, permission to access the library etc.

How to write a Permission letter:

Writing a letter to seek permission needs a good convincing tone and promising words. While writing such a letter one needs to use a tone that makes the reader confident about your words.

  • Begin with the receiver’s address. For example:

The __________ (Receiver – Principal/ Boss/ HOD),
______________ (Name of the Department – School/ Office)
_____________ (Address Of the Receiver)

  • Mention the date. Do not forget to mention the date on which it was drafted.

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

  • Mention the subject: Aim of writing the letter in a brief (3-4 Words).

Subject: Mention the subject

  • Give salutation: Salutation is one of the most important things in a written conversation or letter. It could be Respected/ Dear/ etc.


  • Give a brief introduction of yourself. Drafting this in a letter is important as this will help the reader to know who are you and who is writing the letter. Introduce yourself in a polite manner by using Respectfully/ With Utmost Respect/ etc.

For example – With utmost respect, I would like to mention my name is __________ (Name) and …………… (Continue).

  • Draft down your words in a decent, polite, and respectful manner. Mention the reason what are you seeking permission about. State the date you are writing for.
    • If you’re writing the letter for leave: Mention the reason for leave.
    • If you’re writing the letter for industrial visit: State why you want to visit the industry.
    • If you’re writing the letter seeking permission for early leave: State reason behind leaving early.

I am writing this letter to you in order to seek permission …………….. (Continue)

  • Show the reader that you are expecting a positive response.

Looking forward to a quick and positive response.

  • Give an outro by signing the letter and mentioning your name, contact number (If required).

Yours Truly,

____________ (Siganture)

____________ (Name),

____________ (Contact Number)

Seeking Permission Letters:

Granting Permission Letters Examples: