Enquiry Letter

Enquiry Letter  is a Letter written to enquiry about information, facts, or Data you want to gather. A letter inquiring about a subject, here subject can be an event, product, service, Person, Place, etc. Inquiry Letters are meant to collect preliminary information.

Let’s understand How To Write an Enquiry Letter:

The nature of the inquiry letter is dependent on the information sharing, like a Prospect Client writing an inquiry letter to suppliers for quotation of products, a school or a university student writing an inquiry Letter to School/College Principal for Admission Information, holidays, fees, documents, etc. On the other hand, Let us look at office-related inquiries, Employees writing inquiry Letters to HR or the Manager for information related to Leaves, joining information, Payroll or any other salary-related query, etc.

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The Core parts of a Enquiry Letter/Inquiry Letter are –

  • Sender’s Details – The Enquirer of the enquiry Letter is expecting a response thus communication details are Must.
  • Recipient’s Details – The Informant who is asked for the information, the inquiry letter should address the right person/authority.
  • Date – Punch a Date on which the Enquiry was made.
  • Subject – The Person asking should write the Question asked to summarize the Letter.
  • Body – The Enquiry/Inquiry letter body is a questionnaire with a very contextual body.
    The Information of Enquiry, the timeline of response and format.
  • Ending – The Expected format and time, any further information.

To have a good impact on the responder it’s advisable to write the Inquiry Letter short with relevant requirements. Most of us struggle to write a perfect enquiry letter to get the right information. Let’s Understand how to write enquiry letter, inquiry letter writing format, This is a sample of Enquiry letter template check the Enquiry Letter with Examples.

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Tips to Write a Impactful and Effective Enquiry Letter:

  • Give Reference of source or Referral from to sound legitimate.
  • Build the letter on the demand of information about the enquiry.
  • Provide your background details vividly, just for the receiver to value your time and effort.
  • Mention the contact information to receive the response.

Sample Format of Enquiry Letter – General Inquiry Letter – Enquiry Letter Template – Letter Of Inquiry Template Word.

_______ Sender’s Name
_______ Sender’s Address

Date : ___/___/____

_______ Recipient’s Name
_______ Recipient’s Address

Subject : Enquiry Regarding ________

Respected/Dear Sir/Ma’am,

This Letter is to Enquire about ____________, mention how you connected with the person, your source of reference if any_______
Ask the questions in relevancy _______

Response Time –
Date –
Format –

Contact below for any further information.
Looking forward to your response.

Contact Person Name –
Contact Person Number –

Yours Sincerely,

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