Authorization Letters

What is an Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter is a letter used to give access or authority to any person or company to perform the action on your behalf that was to be done by you. This letter can be used as a letter granting access on the writer’s behalf.

An authorization letter is a formal type of letter, so it follows a format that is similar to the format of a formal letter. An authorization letter is usually handed over in person, so that no one can misuse the authority given.

How to write an authorization letter?

  • Mention Receiver’s Address.
  • Mention date of writing.
  • Mention your point in clear language.
  • Make sure do not use confusing language.
  • Mention the date on which the written letter is valid so that the authorized person cannot misuse the letter.
  • Provide a copy of your ID proof.

Here are 30+ sample authorization letters available for free you can use.

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