Transfer Letter

A Transfer Letter is a document to be submitted for a transfer request, transfer of fund, location transfer request, job transfer letter, employee transfer letter, salary transfer letter, or department transfer letter. Transfer letters are huge in use any letter concerned with the change in order or place is a form of the transfer request.

Transfer letters have a subject of transfer from one place to another, one entity to another. The transfer letter is a document to log movement, transition, and transaction. Transfer letters are written for many purposes and for the right delivery.

Transfer letters depend on the following factors:

  1. Type of Transfer
  2. Reason for Transfer
  3. Date, Time and event for Transfer
  4. Tenure for transfer
  5. Requirements for transfer

How Transfer Letters are written based on the Context:

  • Transfer Request Letter
  • Employee Transfer Letter
  • Transfer Request Letter For Bank Employees
  • Property Transfer Letter
  • Equipment Transfer Letter
  • Position Transfer Letter
  • Land Transfer Letter
  • Loan Transfer Request Letter
  • Department Transfer Letter
  • Church Membership Transfer Letter Example

Few Examples of Transfer Letters:

  • How to Write an Application for TC (Transfer Certificate) in School
  • Request Letter to School Principal for Transfer to Another School- Sample Letter Requesting Transfer to Another School
  • Request Letter for Transfer to Another Branch Due to Family Problem
  • Application for Transfer from One College to Another
  • Request Letter for Transfer From One Location to Another – Sample Transfer Request Letter by Employee
  • Request Letter to Bank for Fund Transfer to Other Account – Sample Letter to Bank Manager Requesting Money Transfer to Another Account

Transfer Letter Format | Transfer Letter Sample | Transfer Certificate Letter | Transfer Proposal Letter:


__________ Sender’s Name
__________ Sender’s Designation/Role/Department/Class
__________ Sender’s Address


_________ Receiver’s Name
_________ Receiver’s Designation/Role/Department/Class
_________ Receiver’s Address


Subject : Transfer Request/ Application For __________

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I ____, ________, write this letter putting forward my request for __________

Transfer Details -
____ ( Reason/ Cause )

Looking forward to your kind support.
Please contact me at the below contact details if you require any further information.

Yours Sincerely,
__________ Sender’s Name
__________ Sender’s Contact Number
__________ Sender’s Signature

Tips for Writing Transfer Letter –

  • A valid and strong reason for transfer.
  • Assurance of credibility and commitment.

The following are 10+ Letter Samples for transfer letters such as Letter for Transfer of Water Meter, Request Letter for Bank Account Transfer, and many others:

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