Appeal Letter

An appeal letter refers to a letter written for making a compelling request with high priority expectations to redress the situation or you want to appeal someone to reconsider the decision made in any regard. In Appeal letters the cause is sensitive as you might be treated unfairly, thus appeal letters have to be written right on time. Appeal letters are meant for special purpose, reviewing a decision and turning the decision made with humble consideration, asking for reconciliation, and requesting for some special offers with a better and new outcome.

Appeal letters are from different sources and causes, let’s see the most common appeal letter formats used –

  • Financial Aid Appeal Letter
  • Appeal Letter For Donation
  • Appeal Letter For Sponsorship
  • Appeal Letter For Visa Refusal
  • Appeal Letter For College Admission
  • Appeal Letter For Scholarship
  • Unemployment Appeal Letter
  • Appeal Letter For Insurance Refund Request
  • Appeal Letter To Retake Exam

Appeal Letter Examples | How To Make an Appeal Letter | How To Write a Good Appeal Letter.

Appeal Letters are meant for reconsideration, re-reviewing decisions, and for grant purposes, thus the content of a good appeal letter is knowing what to present to the authority in the best way possible that can hopefully overturn the decision.

If your letter is courteous and clear, this is possible to influence the authorities to reconsider and give a new judgement.

Mention the Sender’s details:

  • The Sender’s Details – Generally, the Sender of the Appeal Letter is a particular individual requesting to reconsider a specific decision made in the best humble way possible.

Mention the Receiver’s details:

  • The Receiver’s Details – The Receiver of the Appeal Letter is generally an Authority, NGO or an esteemed organization. Vividly, mention the cause of Appeal while writing the request.

Mention the date when you are writing/drafting the Letter:

  • The Date – The Appeal is made on, and the expected turnaround time.

Mention a short subject of the Appeal Letter:

  • The Cause/Subject – The purpose of the appeal and how urgent the issue is.

Attach the reference documents along with the Appeal Letter:

  • The Enclosures – The Appeal Letter worth grows with documents, Brochure, Receipt, Invoice slips copy, etc attached with it.

End the Appeal Letter with your Identity and Contact Details:

  • The Signature/ Contact – The last section of the appeal letter to undersign the identity and to have an open node for further communication giving an accessible mode of contact.

For writing a good appeal letter we need to follow a few guidelines to have a strong impact on the receiver.
Tips For Writing Appeal Letter

  • Use Professional and Formal language and format.
  • Be humble and respectful with the appeal.
  • Use Correct and honest information.
  • Add value to your letter with work and facts.

Appeal Letter Sample | Appeal Letter Format | Appeal Letter Template | Appeal Letter Example


________ Appealer Name
________ Appealer Address


________ Receiver Name
________ Receiver Designation/Authority
________ Receiver Address

Date : ___/___/___

Subject : Appeal for ________

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I would like to humbly request to____________

( Mention the details and facts )

Looking forward to your kind support and consideration.

Attached Documents –

Yours Respectfully,
________ Sender Name
________ Sender Contact Number/Email

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