Business Letters

A business letter is a letter that is written in a formal format. Writing a business letter in the correct format is an important concern. A business letter is a written piece of paper or a manuscript that is written by any corporation, institution, or company to its customers or to another company. It serves as written proof of the communication done. It might not be difficult to write a business letter but is not easy too as keeping the language formal and easy to understand while writing to someone is the main key.

Some of the Different Types of Business Letters are Listed Below || Types of Business Letter:

  • Order letter
  • Complaint letter
  • Inquiry letter
  • Follow up letter

Importance of Business Letters – Business Letter Example – Business Letter Sample:

Writing business letters functions as an official method of communication and it is very essential. The valuable and important information regarding business matters or legal purposes is carried out by writing business letters. It forms a link between different people and organizations.

These business letters act as reference material for the transactions that are – about to take place, have already taken place, or will take place in the future between business industries.

Clarity, Conciseness, and Completeness form the foundation of the quality of a good and whole business letter. The business letters are usually written on the company letterhead paper and are considered an official business/ company letter.

How to Write a Business Letter || What all to Include While Writing a Business Letter || Business Letter Format:

In order to write an appropriate business letter you may follow the below-given business letter writing tips:

  • Mention the receiver’s address
  • Date: mention the date you are drafting on
  • Sender’s details
  • Subject: mention why are you writing this letter in 3-4 words
  • Salutation: Give proper salutation (For example Respected Sir/ Madam)
  • Write the main body of the letter
  • Contact information

Some of The Below-Mentioned Letters are Examples of Business Letters you can Surf from:

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