Termination Letter

A termination letter refers to a document indicative of dismissal, layoff, or firing. The termination is issued by the employer for termination of one’s service from the organization. Termination letters are also used in business and other deals to terminate a deal, terminate a lease contract, terminate a bond/agreement, etc.

Termination letter and Resignation letter differ by the consent of the employee to leave the service, resignation is willing and termination is forceful.

A termination letter can be issued for varied reasons depending on the employer’s prerogative and the employee’s association with a situation. Employer’s termination can be because of the employer’s reason for service/ business shut down, and others such as employee’s role and service shortcoming.

Termination Letters that are in common use:

  • Immediate Termination Letter To Employee
  • End Of Contract Letter To Employee
  • Business Contract Termination Letter
  • Vendor Termination Letter
  • Student Termination Letter
  • Lease Termination Letter Tenant To Landlord
  • Project Termination Letter To Client
  • Nanny Termination Letter Sample
  • House Termination Letter
  • Termination Letter Due To Retirement Age
  • Termination Letter Due To Illness

To Understand the Termination letter format and template better see the Termination letter example

  • Termination Letter to Employee for Drinking Alcohol on Duty – Sample Termination Letter Due to Drinking Alcohol on Duty
  • Termination Letter to Employee Due to Absence – Sample Termination Letter Due to Absence
  • Termination Letter to Employee for Poor Performance – Sample Poor Performance Termination Letter
  • Termination Letter to Employee for Leave Without Information – Sample Termination Letter to Employee
  • Termination Letter With Notice Period For One Month – Sample Letter
  • Letter For Termination Of Consultancy Services – Sample Request Letter for Termination Of Services

Termination Letter Sample | Termination Letter Template | Termination Letter Format

____________ Sender’s Name
____________ Sender’s Address

____________ Receiver’s Name
____________ Receiver’s Address
____________ Receiver’s Code

Date : ___/___/___

Subject - Letter of Termination ________

Dear Mr/Mrs. ________,

This to inform you,____________

Termination Details

Date of Termination - ____________________________ 
Notice Period/ Grace Period - ____________________________ 
Compensation - ____________________________ 
Last date of ____________________________ (work/service/contract) -
Reason - ____________________________ 
Warnings - ____________________________ 
Hand over - ____________________________ [mention the following details]

Contact at below address/ email/ number for any further clarification.

Thanks and Regards,
____________ Sender’s Designation/Name
____________ Sender’s Signature

Tips for writing a Termination Letter:

  • Give a valid and policy-abiding reason.
  • Follow the agreement signed for termination notice and procedure.
  • Mention the Employee/Party updated details.
  • Mention the date of the letter and date of termination.
  • Negotiate compensation also notice period and state the warnings shared with the incident.
  • Keep it as amiable as possible.

10+ Termination Letter Sample Templates Provided Below:

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