Cancellation Letter

A cancellation letter is a document requested for cancellation of any service or product, a contract between two parties, individual or organization, Organization to Organization, or individual to individual. Cancellation letters are termination letters for a request or an ongoing service, deal, or subscription. Cancellation letters have a timeframe and other input elements for the process.

Cancellation letters serve as a legal document for any dispute that arises. Cancellation letters are dated and events are documented and written in advance for any claim.

The most common used cancellation letter subjects are:

  • Insurance Cancellation Letter
  • Contract Cancellation Letter
  • Credit Card Cancellation Letter
  • Car Booking Cancellation Letter
  • Gym Cancellation Letter
  • Visa Cancellation Letter
  • Debt Cancellation Letter
  • Loan Cancellation Letter
  • Resignation Cancellation Letter
  • Policy Cancellation Letter
  • Project Cancellation Letter
  • Pan Card Cancellation Request Letter

As it can be seen the cancellation request is a straight cause-based letter where the intent is to cancel or terminate the service/association/order/deal for a reason that backs the action.

Let’s understand the different types of the Cancellation Letters. The following are some of the examples for Cancellation letter –


Cancellation Letter Sample | Cancellation Letter Template | Cancellation Letter Format –

Date : ____/___/____

__________ (Sender’s Name)
__________ (Sender’s Address)
__________ (Sender’s Email/Number)

__________ (Receiver’s Name)
__________ (Receiver’s Address)
__________ (Receiver’s Email/Number)

Subject : Cancellation Request for _________( Ref No.___)

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to submit my cancellation request for ________ (Subject),
Details of the Subject –
Date of Purchase/ Renew/ Opening ______
Subscription Period / Renew Date / Deal period / _______
Expiration Date/ Window Period _______
Refund request / Trial Period _________

Reason for the cancellation _________________________

Acknowledgement required ____________

Looking forward ___________________

Enclosed Documents – ___________________

Thanks and Regards,
__________ (Sender’s Name).
__________ (Sender’s Signature)

A cancellation Letter has two most important parts –

Cancellation Letter Subject – The issue that is addressed is unambiguous, what is that needs to be canceled, should be clear to the recipient of the letter.

Cancellation Letter Reason – A cancellation letter intended for a subject without a reason is vague and the chances of cancellation approval are low.

To Know How to Write a Cancellation Letter | How To Make a Cancellation Letter?  How To Write a Letter To Discontinue Service | How To Write a Cancellation Letter for a Service Contract? | How To Write a Letter To Cancel a Contract Follow the tips for writing a Cancellation Letter

  • To start with a very formal and business language, The language should be polite and humble.
  • Mention the cancellation word and request for cancellation as required.
  • Attach the documents and policies referring to the service.
  • Mention the demand and support it with details, like refund post cancellation-provide the bank details.
  • Lastly, ask for confirmation and an acknowledgment letter for proof.

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