February 18, 2024
Permission Letters

Letter Granting Permission To Use Copyrighted Material – Sample Letter Granting Permission to Use Copyrighted Content

__________(Your Name),

Date: __/__/____(Date)


Subject: Permission granted to use _________ (approval details)

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This letter is in reference to the letter I received from your side on __/__/____ (Date) regarding the use of copyrighted material. This letter is to inform you that, as a copyright owner, I grant you permission to ____________ (Use, Reprint, Publish – Mention) the following material:

(Describe materials to be copied)

The above-mentioned material should be used in the following manner:


Data should be used in ____________ (format details) with the ________ (link mentioned/credits/showing author name/any other – if applicable). Any modification in the data is not permissible also user should intimate the copyright owner about when and where the data is to be used. Anyhow violating these regulations may lead to suffering.


_____________ (Signature),
_____________ (Name),
_____________ (Address)

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