February 28, 2024
Request Letters

Letter for Doctor Appointment Request – Doctor Appointment Request Letter

___________ (Name of the Doctor)
___________ (Department, Name of the Hospital)
___________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

____________ (Name of the Patient)
____________ (Address)

Subject: Request for an appointment

Dear Doctor,

I am _______________ (Name).This letter is in regard for an urgent appointment _____ (preferably by tomorrow/next week/any suitable time). I am having ____________ (Mention the Symptoms). __________ (Mention any major concerns here in the paragraph)

I request you to hear my plea for an urgent appointment so that I can be cured soon. I am leaving my contact details below; please give me the earliest appointment.

Thanking you,
_____________ (Name of the Patient)
_____________ (Contact Details)

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