February 16, 2024
Authorization Letters

Authorization Letter For Use Of Credit Card In Hotel – Sample Authorization Letter

The Manager,
______________ (Name of the Hotel),
______________ (Address of the Hotel)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

_____________ (Authority Giver’s Name),
_____________ (Address of Authority Giver)

Subject: Authorisation for credit card usage by ___________ (Name) for Hotel Booking

Dear Sir/Madam,

I ___________ (Name), authorise ______________ (Name) to use credit card Number ______________ (Credit Card’s Number) having Name ____________ (Name on Credit Card) for the purpose of Hotel Room Booking. Being my __________ (Son/Spouse/Wife/Husband/Any other) I allow him/her to have complete access to my credit card.

In case, of need feel free to contact me at:
__________________ (Contact Number),
__________________ (Email Address)

_________________ (Name),
_________________ (Signature)

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