Request Letter for Transfer of Land Ownership – Sample Letter Requesting Land Ownership Transfer Authorization

The Office In-charge,
__________ (Name of the Authority)
__________ (Office Address/ City)

Subject: Authorization for Transfer of Land Ownership

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, __________ (Your name), an undersigned legal owner of __________ (property address), write this letter to authorize __________ (name) for the transfer of land ownership.

I, __________ (Your name), S/o, W/o, D/o, _________ (Your name), hereby authorize the mentioned authority to transfer the land ownership to __________ (Name of the person) as _________ (mention reason – I have already sold/ partnership/ any other) w.e.f. __/__/____ (date) and proceed with any required formalities.

The Identity proof along with other required documents of the property, which includes _________ (mention name of the documents), are annexed herewith for your kind reference. Kindly consider this as a genuine letter of authority.

In case of need for any clarification, kindly reach out to me at ________ (mention your contact number) or write to me at ______@____.___ (mention email address).

Thank you,

________ (Signature),
________ (Your name),
________ (Contact Number)

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