_____________ (Designation)
_____________ (Name of the company)
_____________ (Address)

Date: __/__/_______ (date)

Subject: Apology letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

On behalf of _______________ (company’s name), I am writing this letter to offer my sincere apology regarding the unprofessional behavior of our __________ (mention department) team. We apologize for the incident and we admit our mistake.

We have investigated this matter and came to the conclusion that due to ________________ (mention reason for unprofessional behavior), you have faced this issue. I want you to know that we have taken serious actions regarding the team members involved in this unprofessional act. I promise you that incident like this will not happen again in the future.

Once again, I apologize for everything that has happened and expect your forgiveness. Please let us know your feedback regarding this matter and you can always reach us at _________ (mention contact details).

Thanks for your time and support.

_____________ (Signature)
_____________ (Name)
_____________ (Designation)

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