Write A Letter To Your Friend About Your Visit To A Park – Sample Letter To Friend Telling Him About Your Visit To A Park

To, __________ (Name of the Friend) __________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Dear __________ (Name of the Friend), I hope you and your family are doing well. I would like to tell you that I have visited to __________ (Park’s Name) situated at __________ (Locality of the park) on __________ (Mention Date). It was a beautiful … Read more

How to Write a Request Letter for Change in Job Profile – Sample Letter Requesting Change of Job Profile

Such letters are mainly addressed to the HR department or HR Manager of the company and written by employees who want a career change. The employee should mention in which department or job profile he/she wants to shift. They must also be mentioning what skills they possess for the new job profile. The letter should … Read more

How to Write a Request Letter for Change of Time Schedule in College

Such letters are mainly written by the students to their College Principal or Chairman of the college. Students must be mentioning the reasons why they want to change the time schedule. They must give some valid and authentic reasons. They also need to mention the timings that they feel are more suitable for them. The … Read more

How to Write an Application to Change the Subject in School

Such letters are mainly written by students who wish to change any particular subject from their course. These letters are written to the Principal of their school. Students must mention the reasons for changing that particular subject and also for choosing the new one. The student can explain why he/she had chosen the current subject … Read more

How to Write an Application for TC (Transfer Certificate) in School

Such letters are letters mainly written by students when they want to change their school or transfer from one school to another. Also, while switching from school to college, it might be required. TC stands for Transfer Certificate. Such letters contain acknowledgement from the student that he wants to change the school, either willingly or … Read more

How to Write an Application to the School Principal for Job Vacancy in School

Sample Application to the Principal For Job in school Such letters are written either by aspiring or experienced teachers to get a job at any school. Teachers write such applications primarily to the Principal of that school or HR of the school, explaining their expertise in the particular subject that they want to teach. While … Read more

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