__________(Name of the Doctor),
__________(Name of the Hospital),
Date: __/__/____ (Date)
Subject: Thank you letter
Dear Doctor,
With due respect this letter is to inform you that I was admitted to your hospital on __/__/____ (Date) as I was suffering from __________ (fever/stomach ache/mention your illness). My patient ID is ______ (mention your Patient ID).
I would like to inform you that I am feeling well now due to your expert care and attention given to me. On behalf of my whole family, I would like to appreciate you for doing everything that was needed at that time.
It is only because of you that I have gained strength and become fit in such a short period of time. Your positivity and dedication towards the patients stands out. I don’t have the words that can express my thoughts. I will never forget the care you have shown to me in the process. I really appreciate you and your hospital staff for all this. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
___________(Your Name)
___________(Contact Details)

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