When crafting a feedback letter after completing an internship, clarity and politeness are key. Express gratitude for the opportunity and highlight specific aspects of the internship experience that were positive. Emphasize the value gained from the internship and express openness to future opportunities with the company.

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Sample Feedback Letter to Company After Internship

If you are looking for sample feedback letter format that you want to submit in company where you have completed internship / training. Fill Sample Feedback Letter to Company After Internship

The ________ (HR Manager/Human Resource Manager),
________________ (Name of the Company),
________________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

_______________ (Name of the Student),
_______________ (Address)

Subject: Feedback Letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, the undersigned, completed a ________ (two weeks/four weeks/ six weeks/six months/any other duration) internship __________ (Name of the Program) from _____ (Date) to _______ (Date) in your esteemed company.

I must admit the guidance you provide and the training your staff provides is incredible and commendable. Every student must undergo the set of challenges you provide them for betterment. I would say, this internship program made me stronger and has added an incredible mark in my resume. (Mention all about the experience).

I would look forward to more inspiration and opportunity from your end.

Yours Sincerely,
_________________ (Name of the Student),
_________________ (Contact details)

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  • How long should an internship feedback letter be?
    • It's best to keep the letter concise and focused, typically no more than one page in length.
  • Should I mention specific tasks or projects in the feedback letter?
    • Yes, highlighting specific experiences or accomplishments during the internship can provide valuable insights to the company.
  • Is it appropriate to express gratitude in the letter?
    • Yes, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to complete the internship demonstrates professionalism and appreciation.
  • Should I include my contact details in the feedback letter?
    • Yes, providing contact details allows the company to reach out for further communication if needed.
  • Is it necessary to address the letter to the HR manager specifically?
    • Addressing the letter to the HR manager ensures that it reaches the appropriate department for consideration and review.

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