Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing With Her Your Aim In Life

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

From _______,

I hope you are doing well. I am absolutely well here. I am writing this letter to express my thoughts about my aim in life. I have always shared everything with you, so this letter is absolutely worth it.

I aim to achieve happiness in life. I have a hectic schedule here. Every day, I have to grind myself into a never-ending day. It is the _________ (school/college) that keeps me engaged and then comes taking care of myself. I want to become a ________ (what you want to become in your life). I know, I have to work for a very long journey ahead. I want to take a ____________ (specialization/goal).

And the maximum I can aim for is to become a ________ (your career goal). I want to become a ________ (your career goal) because the ________ (reason). I will work hard and make everyone proud, including you too. Please do write me back and tell me your aim.

I will be waiting for words,

Yours loving,
________ (Name)

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