Write a Letter to Your Father About Your Progress in Studies

Dear Dad,

I am well here and hope you all are well there.

In the previous letter, you had expressed some concern about my studies, that’s why I want to write this letter to tell you about my studies. My studies are going very well. There have been _____ (no. of semester) semester examinations, I got ____ (percentage of marks achieved) percent marks in the first-trimester examination and secured _______ (position) in my class and now the result of the second trimester has come. I secured ____ (percentage of marks achieved) marks and you will be very happy to know that I have stood ____ (position) in the class and in the whole school.

Dad, all this has been possible only with your blessings. I know that you have high hopes for me. Don’t worry at all. I will live up to your every expectation.

Take care of yourself. Give my love to mom and regards to everyone.

Your son,
__________ (Your name)

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