Letter to Your Father Explaining Reasons for Your Poor Performance in Exam

Dear Dad,

Hope you all are doing well. I am also fine here. I am really missing you guys and can’t wait for the vacation to start, but please try and visit me before that. Please bring Mom and _____ with you, as I really want to see him/her.

Dad, in your last letter, you asked me about my poor performance in _______ (semester/half-yearly/any other) exams. I know you were disappointed and you expect me to do much better in the exams. I am sorry for my poor performance this time. Actually, just before my exams started I was ________ (playing/traveling/any other) with my friends and I was ________ (injured/ could not pay attention to studies/ any other).

__________ (At first, I didn’t have any problems, but when I wrote half of my paper, my hand started to hurt. After the exam, it started to grow. So I went to the doctor. He checked my hand and gave me some medicine for the pain and asked me to give my hand a little rest so that it can recover faster. I gave all the exams but did not do the papers as I wanted to – if applicable). ___________(mention your reason).

Please don’t worry about me. I promise to compensate for the lost percentages in my final exams.

Your Son,
_____ (Your name)

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