Vacation Request Letter Sample, request letter for vacation leave approval, sample letter for vacation leave request

(Sender’s address)

__/__/____ (Date)

(Receiver’s address)

Subject: Request for _______ (duration) vacation leave


I am writing this letter to request for a one week vacation which is starting on ________ until _________. I will resume work when I will get back on __________. I was busy with office work for these few months so I am planning on taking a break and going to _______ (visit tourist place/going abroad/ parents’ house/visit relative) with my ________ (full family/relatives).

I assure you that I have completed my last week’s task and I have delegated this week’s assigned tasks to my colleagues. I asked them to take responsibility and they agreed that they will get it done on time.

While on vacation, I will be regularly checking my emails so you can contact me @___________ if any urgency arrives.

Thank you for taking out your time and considering my request. Please let me know if this application has been approved so that I can book the _______ (bus/train/flight) tickets.

_______________ (name)
_______________ (post)

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