February 19, 2024
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Online Classes Access Request Letter – Sample Online Classes Assistance Request Letter

__________ (Recipient Name)
__________ (Organisation Name)
__________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (date)

Subject: Online class access request letter

Respected Sir/ Madam,

My name is ______ (name) and I am a student of ________ (Batch) having student ID ___________ (Student ID) ___________ (University/ School). I am writing this letter to share the difficulty I am facing in accessing online classes, I have tried to troubleshoot the problem with the instructions provided to me but still I am facing issues with logging in and fetching study material.

I am __________ (mention your issue) and therefore, requesting you to please provide me some assistance in resolving the issue, if I can get instruction through a call or a demo on troubleshooting the problem will be a great help. I will be highly obliged for this support. This will help me to get into my course at the earliest.

Looking forward to your response. I am providing my contact details below.

Name: ___________ (mention name)
Contact No: __________ (contact number)
Email ID: __________ (mention email id)
User ID: __________ (mention user ID)

Yours Sincerely,
_______ (Your name),
_______ (Contact details)

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