When writing a letter to change your bank account for availing DBT benefits, it's important to be clear and polite. Start with a brief introduction explaining the purpose of the letter. Provide details about NPCI, account mapping, and the process of changing your DBT account. Include essential information such as previous account details, IIN number, and the reason for the change. End with a polite request for assistance and your contact details. Clarity and politeness are key to crafting an effective letter, ensuring all necessary details are included for smooth processing.

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Sample Letter to Bank for Account Mapping with NPCI for DBT Account Subsidy & Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT)

What Is NPCI?

NPCI is the short term for National Payment Corporation Of India. It is a non-profit organization established by RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) and IBA (Indian Banks Association) in 2008.

What is Mapping in NPCI?

Mapping is the process of linking a Bank Account with an Aadhaar number which is assisted by the NPCI for DBT (Direct Benefits Transfer) to the respective bank that has linked the Aadhaar number to the bank account in order to receive Direct Benefits from the Government Of India in the account for which the customer has given the consent.

How to change the DBT Account?

If you are unable to receive any government benefits, direct benefits, or any other subsidy related benefits due to frozen account, due to closure of bank account, due to inactivity of bank account, or any other reason that is seeded to Aadhaar Card. You can change your seeded bank account easily. For this, you have to visit the bank where you want to receive benefits and simply submit the NPCI Seeding Aadhaar Form.

What to keep in mind while writing an Application:

  • Mention previous account details.
  • Mention IIN Number.
  • Mention the reason for changing the account.

Sample Request letter to Bank for Changing Account mapped with NPCI to avail Direct Benefits Transfer.

The Branch Manager,
_____________ (Bank Name),
_____________ (Branch Name/Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)


I do hold a __________ (Current/Saving- Mention Your Account Type) bank account in your branch/bank in my name _____________ (Your Name) bearing account number __________ (Account Number)

I would like to state that I currently have an account in __________ (Name of the bank) with IIN number ________________ (IIN number) and is seeded with NPCI Mapper for Receiving Direct Benefits from the Government of India.

Due to the reason (freeze account/ closure of bank account/ inactivity of bank account/ or any other reason) I request you to kindly change my NPCI account and get it linked to the account with details mentioned below:

Name Of Account Holder: _______________
Customer ID of Holder: _______________
Account number: _______________

As per the requirements, I am attaching an Aadhar seeding form along with this application. Kindly assist in doing the needful. I shall be grateful.

__________ (Signature)
__________ (Your Name),
__________ (Account Number),
__________ (Contact Number)

Note: For availing account change facility regarding DBT. Bank may ask to submit the application in the presence of the account holder and submit relevant documents like DBT Form, Aadhaar Linking/Seeding Form, Customer Request Form, Copy of Aadhaar, KYC, any other as required by the Bank along with application form. For change account to avail DBT request you to kindly contact your Bank

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  • Q: How can I change my bank account to avail DBT benefits?
    • A: You can change your bank account for DBT benefits by visiting your bank and submitting an application along with relevant documents such as an Aadhaar seeding form.
  • Q: What information should I include in the application to change my bank account for DBT benefits?
    • A: Include details like your previous account information, IIN Number, and the reason for changing the account.
  • Q: Can I submit the application for account change online?
    • A: It's recommended to visit your bank in person to submit the application and necessary documents.
  • Q: What documents do I need to submit along with the application?
    • A: You may need to submit documents like a DBT Form, Aadhaar Linking/Seeding Form, Customer Request Form, Copy of Aadhaar, and KYC documents, as required by your bank.
  • Q: How long does it take for the bank to process the request for changing the DBT account?
    • A: Processing times may vary, but the bank should provide you with an estimate upon submission of your application and documents.

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