Bank Manager,
_________(Bank Name)

Date: __/__/____(DD/MM/YYYY)


Subject: Mobile number updation in bank account no. _________ (account number)


I am holding a ________ (Savings/Current/Credit Limit) account in your branch bearing account number ________ (Account Number) and I am writing this letter to you to request you to update new mobile number ________ (mobile number) in my account. I _______ (reason for changing registered number eg. lost) the previously registered mobile number _______ (previously registered number) which was linked to my account.

Kindly update my new contact number __________ ( mobile number to be updated) in my _______ (type of account) account so that I am able to receive bank-related alert messages. I am hereby enclosing, Bank specified customer request form, KYC documents (if applicable) and other supporting documents for updating my contact number.

Yours truly,
_________ (Name)
_________ (Account number)
_________ (Branch Address)
_________ (IFSC Code)

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