February 18, 2024
Informal Letters

Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing Your Experience Of Growing Plants

Date: __/__/____


Greetings to you my friend, how are you doing?

I am doing absolutely fine here. I wanted to express my views and experience on growing plants. I have recently adopted this as a new hobby. I am loving how plants illuminate my days and fill with hopes and joy. My backyard is now full of plants. I have tried to plant as many plants as possible.

However, it is not a mess. It is beautiful. I chose a theme as well before planting them. I thought that I will put only herbal plants which will be useful as well. So it is sort of a mini herbal garden too. I have all the necessary equipment with me which helps me in hoeing and plowing whenever necessary.

Moreover, it keeps me engaged. And it gives me quite an amazing vibe to work hard for the beauty of nature. I water them at specific times and take care of extra weeds as well. Anyway, it is been a long time, since I haven’t heard from you.

Do write me back. I will be waiting for your letter. I will attach some pictures of my garden as well with this letter. Hope it will make you feel wonderful.

With love,

___________ (Name)

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