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Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing The Incident You Recall

Date: __/__/____

Dear _______,

Hey, how have you been? I hope everything is fine.

It is been a long time since I had written anything to you. I was just passing by the cross street (name of the street) and I remembered an incident related to it. It was that time of the season when roads were slippery and there were high chances of getting slipped on roads.

I know, it is a very old incident, but I am sure you would have not forgotten it. You saved an innocent life on that day on this very street. It looked a bit messy and horrifying. But at the same time, it was a brave act. I remember clearly, how bravely you managed the car and saved that boy who was running and crossing the road.

I know our vehicle bumped into a tree while saving him, and couldn’t be used further. But anyhow, after the incident, I felt good after seeing an innocent life alive. I am proud we did something good and saved the little boy. His parents thanked and blessed u a lot. Anyway, I just missed you today a lot.

Do write me back, I am waiting for your reply.

Yours loving,
________ (Name)

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