February 8, 2024

Complaint Letter for Poor Patient Care

A complaint letter for poor patient care is usually written by a family member or caregiver of a patient or by the patient himself/ herself. Poor patient care implies that the healthcare facility (Clinic, Hospital, etc.) is either not competent with their medical assistance/ help or not compassionate enough while taking care of the patient. Such complaint letters should contain a demand for reprimanding actions against the guilty party or monetary compensation for distress caused to the patient.


  • Although it is a personal letter, still it needs to be strictly formal as it’s being written to an authority.
  • Start the letter with the receiver’s name, designation, and address.
  • Use proper salutation.
  • Avoid showing anger or irritation and keep the tone polite.
  • Don’t put random instances and write about exact things that went wrong.
  • Give as many facts and proof as possible.
  • Don’t forget to include documents supporting your complaint.
  • Write about your expectations clearly and reasonably.
  • Give a time period within which you expect to have a solution or actions to be taken place.
  • Close the letter by thanking the reader for taking time out for reading.
  • Proofread the letter for any spelling mistakes.



Writing a complaint letter for poor patient care has a very clear purpose to serve and that is to inform the concerned authorities about the wrongdoings and to show their disappointment. As poor patient care can lead up to some very horrific end results, in such cases they are used for the initiation of demand for some sort of reprimanding or punishment actions for the persons involved.

Complaint Letter for Poor Patient Care