February 14, 2024
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Sabbatical Leave Approval Letter – Sample Letter for Approval of Sabbatical Leave

_____________ (Employee Name),
_____________ (Designation)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

_____________ (Name),
_____________ (Designation),
_____________ (Company Name)

Subject: Approval of sabbatical leave


This letter is in reference to the application number ___________ (Application Number), we received date on __/__/____ (Date).

This is to inform you that your request letter for sabbatical leave has been approved. As per the company norms, your sabbatical leave will commence from __/__/____ (Date) and will conclude on __/__/____ (Date). __________ (The salary will be credited as per rules and regulations – if applicable).

We believe sabbatical leave will help you support your personal life in a good manner.

Thanking You,
____________ (Signature)
____________ (Name),
____________ (Address)

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