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__________ (City),
__________ (Pincode)

Date:__/__/____ (DD/MM/YYYY)

Dear __________ (Name),

Hope you are doing well, I am doing great here. Since you know I recently shifted to a boarding school, I would like to describe everything which I experienced here so far. First of all, I would like to talk about the uniforms we have. You would be amazed to know that we have __________ (describe uniform) as a uniform. Basically, we are supposed to wear the ______ (casual) uniform ________ on (weekday/weekend). They have provided us a small sling bag as well. All our books and notebooks are kept in ________ (cupboards) and everything is stalked. This is because we have classes all day.

Further, let me tell you about the mess here, we have a huge hall and we sit together and we have plates kept in the middle of the table. We are provided with amazing food, though I miss the food mom cooked for me, but no worries. We do perform a short prayer before and after having meals in order to thank God for giving us food.
Talking about the beds, we have double bunkers at the hostel. It’s a huge hall where we play and sleep together.

Please write to me soon because I miss you a lot over here.

Yours loving,
__________ (Your Name)

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