When drafting a letter requesting sponsorship for a charity event, clarity and politeness are paramount. Clearly state the purpose of the event, its date, and venue. Request sponsorship from the recipient company, highlighting their track record in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Specify the amount expected and outline basic requirements. Provide necessary banking details for contributions and offer to discuss additional requirements via telephone. Express gratitude and await a prompt response, maintaining a respectful tone throughout the letter.

Table of Contents:

Letter to Company for Requesting Sponsorship for Charity Event

The Principal,
_________ (Name of the School)
_________ (Address of school)


_________ (Director of the company),
_________ (Name of the Director),
_________ (Address)

Subject: Lend a helping hand


This is to bring in to your notice that, we are organizing ___________ (Name of them Fest / function / competition / seminar) for _________ charity at _________ (event details) on __________ (Date) at __________ (Name of the place: School/hall).

The main concern of the letter is to plead for the sponsorship regarding the same. Your company being an esteemed organization with a track record for CSR activities, we plead for your help and concern. The least amount which we expect is _______ (Mention the amount), the basic requirements which we will be fulfilling would be ____________ (Mention the basic requirements to pitch in).

Here are the basic bank details:
Account Number:____________________
Bank Name:____________________
IFSC Code:____________________

We can have a telephonic conversation for your basic requirements such as advertisements on _________ (Telephone Number). To have a ____________ (purpose of charity), we require your helpful hands. Your contribution will help _________ (charity details).  We await for a prompt response.


__________ (Name of the Principal)
__________ (Name of the School)
__________ (Signature)

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  1. Why is it important to mention the purpose and details of the charity event in the sponsorship request letter?
    • Providing clear information about the event, including its purpose, date, and venue, helps the recipient understand the context and significance of their potential sponsorship.
  2. What should be included in the sponsorship request regarding the company's past CSR activities?
    • Acknowledging the company's history of CSR activities demonstrates awareness and appreciation, potentially enhancing the likelihood of a positive response to the sponsorship request.
  3. Why is it necessary to specify the amount expected in the sponsorship request?
    • Specifying the expected amount provides clarity to the recipient and helps them understand the level of support needed for the charity event.
  4. How can schools facilitate further discussion with potential sponsors mentioned in the letter?
    • Schools can offer contact details, such as telephone numbers, for potential sponsors to reach out for additional discussions or inquiries regarding sponsorship opportunities.
  5. What role do banking details play in a sponsorship request letter?
    • Providing banking details enables potential sponsors to make contributions conveniently and securely, ensuring transparency in the donation process.

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