The Human Resources Manager,
__________ (Company Name),
__________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Surrendering quarter

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am ________ (Name) and I have been working in ________ (Department) of your prestigious company for last _________ (Months/ Years).

Most respectfully, I have been residing at the quarter ____________ (Quarter number and address) provided to me by our company. I am writing this letter to surrender the above said quarter. As I have __________ (Purchased Property/ Resigned/ Shifted) I am no more in need of the provided facility.

I request you to kindly consider this letter as a genuine request for surrendering the provided facility. I ensure I will be readily completing all required formalities. I shall be thankful.

___________ (Signature),
___________ (Name),
___________ (Address)

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