February 4, 2024
Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter for a Colleague – Sample Letter of Recommendation for Promotion in Office

__________ (Designation)
__________ (Company’s name)
__________ (Company’s address)

Date: __/__/_______(date)

Subject: Recommendation letter for __________ (name of the colleague)

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, my name is ___________ (name) and I am a ___________ (position) working in your esteemed organization for the past __ years. I would like to recommend Mr./Mrs. _____________(name of the employee) for the position of ____________ (mention position).

As I know him/her from the last _______ months/years, I am well aware of his/her work ethics and dedication for this organization. He/She is a team player and his/her time management skills are just exceptional. He/She is always willing to help the fellow employees and his/her dedication to achieve the monthly targets makes her a valuable asset to the organization.

I believe that he/she has the ability to be a team leader and if we give him/her an opportunity to be _________ (position), this opportunity will motivate him/her and will also help this department to grow. He/She has the ability to be a team leader. I am always ready to provide you any additional information in this regard.

_________ (Signature)
_________ (Name)
_________ (Designation)

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