Writing an effective letter requesting correction in name requires clarity and politeness. Begin with respectful salutations and clearly state the purpose of the application. Provide essential details such as your correct name, the incorrect name that needs correction, relevant dates, and any reference numbers associated with the application. Express gratitude for their attention to the matter. Avoid common pitfalls such as unclear language and omitting necessary details.

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Sample application for correction in name

Sometimes it might happen that you have given an application to make a document and at the time of submission you gave your name correctly, but due to some mistake or technical error, the wrong name gets printed on it. If something like this has happened to you too, and you are looking for an application to get your name corrected, then you can use this application to get it rectified.

Sample application for correction in name

__________ (Receiver’s Details)

Date: __/__/_____ (Date)

Subject: Application for correction in the name

I ________ (Name), S/o, D/o __________ (Name), a resident of _________ (Address) writing this application for correction in name.

Most respectfully, I would like to inform you that I have applied for ___________ (mention the application applied for) in my name i.e. ________ (Correct Name) on __/__/____ (Date) and the same was received on __/__/____ (Date).

I beg to inform that, due to some mistake/ negligence the name mentioned on the certificate was mentioned incorrectly as __________ (Incorrect name). The application number for the same is _________ (Application number). The name as on the __________ (ID Proof/ Address proof/ any other document) which was submitted along with the application is _________ (Name).

Therefore, I request you to kindly look into the matter and correct name on the requested thing as early as possible.

Thanking You,
____________ (Signature),
____________ (Your Name),
____________ (Contact Details),

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  • Question: How can I request a correction in my name on a document?
    • Answer: Write a formal letter addressed to the relevant authority, clearly stating your correct name, the incorrect name that needs correction, relevant dates, and any reference numbers associated with the application. Express gratitude for their attention to the matter.
  • Question: Is it necessary to mention the reason for requesting a name correction?
    • Answer: Yes, it's helpful to briefly mention the reason for the correction to provide context and justify the request.
  • Question: Whom should I address the name correction request letter to?
    • Answer: Address the letter to the appropriate authority responsible for document issuance or correction.
  • Question: How long does it typically take to process a name correction request?
    • Answer: The processing time may vary depending on administrative procedures and workload. However, you can expect a response within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Question: What should I do if my name correction request is denied?
    • Answer: If your request is denied, you can inquire about the reasons for denial and explore alternative solutions with the relevant authorities.

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