Request Letter for Job Opening – Sample Application for Future Job Opening

Date: __/__/____ (date) To, _________ (Receiver Name) _________ (Company Name) Subject: Request for job opportunity Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings of the day. My name is __________ (name) and wish you good health. I have always been an admirer of your esteemed organization. Since my graduation, I have always wanted to work with ______ (Company Name) in … Read more

Job Application for the Post of a Computer Operator – Sample Job Application Letter for Computer Operator

To, The HR Manager, __________ (Name of the company), __________ (Address of the company) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Job application for computer operator Respected Sir/ Madam, I __________ (name) and a resident of _______ (location), writing this letter in regard to the job vacancy available for the post of ________ (mention post). I would like … Read more

Interview Letter Format for Hospital Staff – Sample Interview Letter for Hospital Staff

To, ________, ________ Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Interview letter Dear ________ (name), This letter is to inform you that your application for the post of ________ (mention post) has been accepted by our administration and your appointment for _______ (interview/ group discussion) has been scheduled for __/__/____ (date). The timings for the interview would be … Read more

Hospital Administrator Interview Letter – Sample Interview Letter for Hospital Administrator

To, ________ (Receiver’s Name), ________ (Receiver’s Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Acceptance of job application Dear ________ (name), This letter is in reference to _________ (mention application number). I, _______ (name) on behalf of __________ (mention hospital name) write this to inform you that the application for the post of administrator has been accepted. We … Read more

Office Joining Application after Marriage Leave – Sample Letter Requesting for Joining Application after Marriage Leave

To, The HR Manager, __________ (Company’s Name), __________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Mention Date) Subject: Joining letter for _________ (Employee number) Dear Sir/ Madam, I am ___________ (name) and I have been working in _________ (department) of your reputed company. My employee ID is __________ (mention employee ID). This is to inform that I have been … Read more

Request Letter for Demo Teaching in School – Sample Letter of Request for Demonstration of Teaching

To, The Principal, ________ (Name of the School), ________ (Address of the School) Date: __/__/_____ (Date) Subject: Request for demo teaching Respected Sir/ Madam, With utmost respect, I would like to inform you that my name is _______ (name) and I am writing this letter in order to request you for allowing me to present … Read more

Late Job Joining Application Letter – Sample Letter for Late Joining of Job

To, The Human Resources Manager, __________ (Company’s name) __________ (Company’s Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Request to defer joining date Sir/ Madam, My name is __________ (name) and I am writing this letter in regard to the offer letter with reference number ____________ (mention) that I received from your company/ organisation/ institute for the post … Read more

Job Appointment Letter for Teacher – Sample Job Appointment Letter for the Post of Teaching

From, The Principal, ____________ (School Name) ____________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) To, ____________ (Receiver’s Details) Subject: Job appointment letter Dear_________ (mention name), This letter is in reference to the job application received from your end for the post of ________ (mention post). In this regard, we are glad to inform you that you have been … Read more

How to Write a Request Letter for Change in Job Profile – Sample Letter Requesting Change of Job Profile

Such letters are mainly addressed to the HR department or HR Manager of the company and written by employees who want a career change. The employee should mention in which department or job profile he/she wants to shift. They must also be mentioning what skills they possess for the new job profile. The letter should … Read more

Driver Job Application Letter – Sample Job Application for the Post of Driver

To, __________ (Receiver’s Details) __________ (Name/ Company’s Name) __________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Application for the post of driver Dear Sir/ Madam, My name is _______ (name) and I am writing this letter in reference to the advertisement published on __/__/____ (date) in _________ (mention – leaflet/newspaper/magazine/online website/any other). Respected, I have worked for … Read more

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