Sample Application to the Principal For Job in school

Such letters are written either by aspiring or experienced teachers to get a job at any school. Teachers write such applications primarily to the Principal of that school or HR of the school, explaining their expertise in the particular subject that they want to teach. While writing an application, they can include their behavioral traits like polite nature, good behavior, likeness to the kids, etc. They would also need to give the qualifications that are required for that particular post.

Sample Application Template for letter to the School Principal for Job Vacancy in School:

The Principal,
_____ (School Name),
_____ (School Address)

Date: __/__/____ (date)

Subject: Application for teaching job

Dear sir/ madam,

My name is _______ (your name) and I am _______ (subject name) teacher. I have been teaching in _____ school for past ______ (duration). I have completed my graduation in _________ (subject) from _______ (college/ university name) in ________ (mention year) and done ________ (qualification) from ________ (college/ university name) with ____ % (Percentage).

As per the criteria, I have passed the ______ (exam) with _____% (Percentage) marks, gaining ______% (Percentage) in ______ (mention education details). My track record for getting results has been around ______ (mention). Also, as I love children, they really stay happy around me and are always willing to learn.

As I got to know about the vacancy for ________ (subject) teacher in your school recently, I am applying for the same. Kindly consider my application and find the resume attached along with the application.

Hoping for a positive response soon. You may contact me at ______ (mention contact number).

Thanks and Regards
________ (Signature),
________ (Name)
________ (Contact number)

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