Letter to Airline for Refund

The Customer Relations Officer,
__________ (Address)


Subject – Cancelation of Air Ticket and request for refund

Dear Sir/ Madam

I had booked ____ (No. of Tickets) tickets through ________ (Online/ Portal Address/Customer Sales Support) for travel from ________ (Departure City/State/Country) to ____________ (Arrival City/State/ Country) under _______ ( PNR, Separate PNRs – If applicable) as per following details:

Travel Date: ________
Flight No.: ________
Sector: ________
1st PNR: _______ for ________ (Traveller’s Name), booked on _______ (Booking Date) for ______/- (Ticket Amount)
2nd PNR (if applicable): _______ for ________ (Traveller’s Name), booked on _______ (Booking Date) for ______/-(Ticket Amount)

There was a _______ (reason for cancellation / refund – change in flight schedule), which was not suitable to us. A ____ (partial / full / 100% or percent) refund was promised to us by ________ (Airline Name).

We had canceled the flight on ________ (Date), for which the confirmation was received from _______ (Airline carrier Name) through _____ (E-Mail/SMS).

I have not received the refund against these tickets till date.

Kindly arrange to transfer the refund of the ticket money to my account urgently.

Thanking You

Yours Truly
___________ (Name)
___________ (Contact No.)
___________ (Address)

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