Complaint Letter About School Facilities – Sample Complaint Letter to School Administration Regarding Facilites

________ (Parent’s Name),
________ (Parent’s Address)

Date:__/__/____ (Date)

________ (Principal’s Name),
________ (School’s Name),
________ (School’s Address)

Subject: Complaint against poor school facilities (mention specific concern regarding the school facilities)

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is ________ (Parent’s Name) and my _______ (son/daughter) ________ (Student’s Name), studies in ________ (Class) in your school. I am writing to you today to draw your concern on the poor conditions of ______ (benches/desks/any other) in your school. _________ (mention the issues here)

It is been a month, I am noticing his/her ______ (uniform/any other), but when it became regular, I got concerned. I enquired with the class teacher as well and all in return I got a serious description of the _________ (unfurnished benches/desks). _______ (explain your concern in detail)

I understand that it would be difficult to bring such a change under the current budget, but I hope that you will consider the needs of the children and consider their safety and wellbeing.

I am very concerned about this situation, and I would appreciate a response from you within the next _______ (week/month).

Thank you,
________ (Parent’s Name),
________ (Signature)

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