Complaint Letter to Hotel Management Asking for Refund / Compensation – Sample Complaint Letter to Hotel Management

The Manager,
________ (Name Of The Hotel),
________ (Address Of The Hotel),
________ (City, State ,ZIP Code)

Date: __/__/____(DD/MM/YYYY)

Subject: Complaint regarding ________ (complaint reason) at ________(Name Of The Hotel) [mention your specific complaint against refund]

Dear ________ (Name Of The Hotel Manager),

I, ________ (Name) am writing this letter to bring to your concern about the last experience I had on _______ (Date) in your reputed ________ (Name Of The Hotel). Your hotel is prominently known for its excellent service. However, this was not the case with me on my last visit.

I made a reservation on ________ (Particular Date), for _______ (booking for persons). I was celebrating __________  (mention the event/particulars)

When we arrived at the place, ______________ (explain all the situations in detail eg. table was not ready / had to wait for _____ minutes / the lobby was extremely occupied / there was not enough seating arrangement/ not offered any drink or a glass of water/ ordered in advance with the booking, was not ready)

In addition, ​I ordered a _______ (what you have ordered) but received (what you have received) that too after a very long wait.

I have never had such an experience with any hotel hence I am asking for the refund of the payment made.

I am attaching all the reservation slips, Invoice details, and credit card receipts (if any).

Please find below my account details for initiating the refund.
___________ (Account number & Bank Details)

I look forward to soon receiving the refund.


________ (Name Of The Customer),
________ (Signature Of The Customer)

List of Enclosures: Reservation Slips, Dinner Bill Online, Dinner bill by cash, Credit Card Receipt (if applicable)

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