Authorization Letter for Internet Connection – Sample Letter of Authorization to Tenant for Internet Connection Installation

__________ (Tenant’s name),
__________ (Tenant’s address)

Date: __/__/_____ (date)

Subject: Authorization for Internet connection

Dear ________ (name of tenant),

I _________ (your name), legal owner/authorized representative of ________ (property address) write this letter to authorize _________ (name)/ you to get a new internet connection at the property situated at ________ (property address).

With this consent, I authorize you to install the connection wires, use drills, and install associated equipment.

Consider this as a letter of authorization __________ (name) for getting the internet connection done at my property. I expect minimal harm to the property and seek your co-operation for the same.

___________ (mention your name with signature),
___________ (contact number)

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