February 18, 2024
Authorization Letters

Authorization Letter for Payment to Third Party – Sample Letter of Authorization Letter for Third Party Payment

__________ (Recipient Details)
__________ (Recipient Address/ City)

Subject: Authorization for payment

I, __________ (name), __________ (designation) of __________ (mention company name) write this letter to authorize __________ (name of the authorized person) for making payment to _________ (mention party’s name).

I hereby authorize _________ (Name) to make a payment of ______ (amount) to ________ (name) on __/__/_____ (date) in regard to _________ (mention purpose – payment for order made/ balance amount clearance).

Kindly consider this as a genuine letter of authority. As per the requirements, please find all required documents attached along with this letter.

Thanking you,
________ (Signature),
________ (Name),
________ (Contact Number)

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