February 3, 2024

Write an Email to Your Cousin How to Use Internet

From: _________@_____.__ (email)
To: ___________@______.__ (email)

Subject – How to use the internet

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Hello ______ (Name),

I hope you are enjoying your _______(vacation) vacation. I would first congratulate you on passing your _______(exams) exams with such a good result. I am going to talk to you about something very important and that is the use of the internet. Internet is a place where you can learn various things like __________ (Mention – cooking/ arts and crafts/ simple household chores/ jewellery making/ robot making/ any other). You can also get a lot of knowledge which will help you in learning many new things.

But you should be careful while using the internet as downloading files from unknown links from the internet may lead to your computer getting virus, this can also become a great reason of distraction. Therefore, I would advise you to use the internet wisely.

I wish you will keep these things in mind about the use of the internet.

Yours loving,
__________ (Name),
__________ (Address)

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