When writing a request letter for the issuance of a SWIFT code from your bank, be clear and polite. Introduce yourself and clearly state the purpose of your request. Explain why you need the SWIFT code and provide any necessary details. Always thank the recipient for their time and consideration. Avoid unclear language and ensure all essential information is included.

Sample Letter: Request for Issuance of SWIFT Code

The Manager,
___________ (Name of the bank),
___________ (Branch address),

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for Issuance of SWIFT Code

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, my name is _______________ (name) and I hold an account with your bank. My account number is _______________ (mention account number).

I am writing this letter to request the issuance of the SWIFT/BIC code for my account to facilitate international transactions. I need this information because ___________ (personal/business/education/other reasons) and it is required for ___________ (mention specific purpose like receiving funds, making payments, etc.).

Please find attached the necessary documents for your reference, including __________ (mention any relevant documents like ID proof, account details, etc.). I would be grateful if you could process my request at the earliest and provide me with the SWIFT code.

Thank you for your kind consideration and time. If you need to contact me for further information or clarification, please reach me at __________ (contact details).

Yours sincerely,
___________ (Name)
___________ (Account number)
___________ (Contact details)