Application for Closing RD Account Before Maturity – Recurring Deposit Premature Closure Letter

The Branch Manager,
______ (Bank Name)
______ (Branch)
______ ( Branch Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Premature Closure of RD No. _______ (Recurring deposit number which you want to close before maturity)


l am holding a Recurring Deposit A/C No. ____ (RD Number) in the name of ____ (Name). My recurring deposit no. ________ which is due for maturity on ______ (date of maturity). I need this money for _______ (personal) reasons due to which I want to close the recurring deposit before the maturity date.

Kindly close the RD before maturity and credit the amount in my _______ (type of account) account No. ____ (Account Number)

Thanking You,

Signature: ________
Name: ________
Contact: ________


  • RD Receipt/ RD Advice
  • KYC Documents (if applicable)
  • Customer Request Form (if applicable)

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