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Unable to attend school? Being not well or not willing to attend classes or have to go to accomplish some important task or to attend wedding? Have to give leave application in school in order to request some days off from school you can use leave applications.

Here, in this blog we will give you W5H1 i.e. what, when, where, who, why, and how for this application.


An application used to request leaves from school specially for kids (students).


Usually, student writes this to the Principal. In case of small classes parents pen this application and handover it to Principal.


This application is usually written when there are some unavoidable situation and you are unable to attend school.


In order to request leave from school in case of being absent in coming days due to some reason.


These applications are for school purposes only.


How to write these applications? Following these steps might help you pen down a good and affective application.

  • Begin with the school’s address i.e. To (Receiver’s Address)
  • Date: Date of writing the application.
  • Mention subject of application in maximum of three to four words.
  • Give salutation: Respected Sir / Madam / Principal Sir etc.
  • Give introduction about yourself. Example Name, Class, Roll Number, etc.
  • Give reason for asking leave.
  • Mention dates on which you will be absent.
  • Request them to sanction leave.
  • Mention that you will be obliged

Sample Leave Applications:

Sick Leave Application:

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Application for Events / Attending Function

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Leave Application To School Due to Demise Reason

[posts-by-tag tags = “Leave Application in School Due to Demise”]

Application For Leave In School Due to Exam

[posts-by-tag tags = “Leave Application in School Due to Exam”]

Application For Leave In School Due to Illness

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