Credit Card Cancellation Letter – Application for Closing of Credit Card


The Branch Manager,
___________ (Bank Name),
___________ (Branch),
___________ (City/State)

Date: __ /__ /_____

Dear Sir / Madam

Subject: Application for cancellation of my credit card ___________ (Credit Card Number).

I am holding a ___________ (type/ scheme of credit card) credit card having credit card no. ___________ (Credit Card Number). I no longer need this credit card.

You are requested to stop the services of this card immediately and cancel the card. I have already paid all dues of my credit card bill and there is no outstanding balance on this credit card.

Kindly acknowledge my request and  issue confirmation of card cancellation once processed.

Thanking You,
_________ (Signature)
_________ (Name)
_________ (Credit Card Number)
_________ (Address)
_________ (Mobile Number)

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