The Branch Manager,
___________ (Bank Name),
___________ (Branch),
___________ (City/State)

Date: __ /__ /_____

Subject: Issuance of New Debit Card upon Expiry

Respected sir,

I am holding a ___________ (type of debit card) debit card for my ________ (current/savings account) account having Card number  ___________ (Debit Card Number) in your bank and I have been operating that card since ____________ (Year).

My debit card is expired now, and I need another one as soon as possible. I am unable to do any kind of online or offline transactions. So, I humbly request you to kindly issue a new debit card with an extended time period. As per the requirements duly filed debit card application form, ID /Address proof and a written statement are attached with the letter for processing my application.

Request you to kindly issue the debit card on priority.

Yours Truly,

_________ (Name)
_________ (Account Number)
_________ (Contact Number)

Note: For issuance of debit card Bank /Branch Official may ask for additional documents with duly filed debit card application form, ID /Address proof. Request you to kindly contact your Bank branch or customer care for more information on issuance of ATM / Debit card.

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