Consent Letter for Child Travelling Abroad With One Parent Where Other Parent Not Travelling

The Immigration Officer,
__________ (Address)

Subject: Consent letter for _______ (child name) having Passport No. _______ (passport number) for traveling to ________ (country) with _______ (Parent Name)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, _______ (Name of the Parent Giving Consent), having an address ___________ (Address), am ____________(Lawful guardian / Parental Authority) of my_______ (Daughter/Son) __________ (Child’s Name), born on__________(Date Of Birth), holding a passport number_________(Passport number with expiry detail), traveling to ___________(Location), to travel under my supervision __________ (Name Of The Parent).

I ________ (Parent’s Name), P/O _________ (Name) am traveling with ________ (him/her) to abroad reason being __________ (Admission Purpose/ Touring/ Meeting Relatives). My spouse is not able to travel with us due to __________ (Not Required / Not Well / Not Free / Not Getting Leave). I affirm that if in any case, trouble arises due to the spouse not traveling abroad with us. I would be responsible for defending any situation. Kindly, consider this as an NOC from my spouse.
If there are any questions or concerns you may contact me:

Full Name:_____________
Permanent Address:____________
(City, State, Zip code): ___________
Phone number:__________
Mobile Number:_____________

Thank you for your concern on this matter.


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