Wedding Consent Letter by Parents for Marriage – Sample Letter of Consent from Parents for Marriage

To, The Concerned Authority, __________ (Name of the Department), __________ (Address) Date: __/__/_____ (date) Subject: Consent for marriage of _________ (mention name) Sir/Madam, We, ________ (name of the parent/s), parent/ guardian of ________ (name of the child) resident of __________ (address) hereby give our consent to the marriage of my __________ (son/daughter) that is being … Read more

Parents Consent Letter For Camping – Sample Consent Letter from Parents to School

To, The Principal, __________(Name of the School) __________(Address) Date: __/__/____(Date) From, __________(Name of the Parent), __________(Address) Subject: Consent letter for camping Respected Sir/Madam, With due respect, I am __________ (Name of the Parent), __________ (Father/ Mother/ Guardian) of __________ (Name of the Child), studying in class __________ (Mention class) holding roll number __________ (Mention Roll … Read more

Consent Letter to School for Vaccination – Sample Vaccination Consent Letter

To, The Principal, __________ (School Name), __________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Consent for vaccination Respected Sir/Madam, Most respectfully, my name is __________ (Name), __________ (Guardian/ Parent) of __________ (Ward’s Name) studies in _____ (Class/ Section) of your school i.e. __________ (School Name). I have got to know that your school is offering vaccination to … Read more

Consent Letter for Participation – Letter to the School Principal Regarding Consent for Participation in Activity

To, The Principal, __________ (Name of the School), __________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Consent letter for participation Respected Sir/Madam, Respected, I am ___________ (Parent/ Guardian’s name) __________ (parent / guardian) of ____________ (Student Name) and he/ she studies in __________ (Mention Class) class_________ (Section/Division). His/her roll number is ___________ (Roll Number). My ward wants … Read more

Consent Letter for Child Travelling Abroad With One Parent Where Other Parent Not Travelling

To, The Immigration Officer, __________ (Address) Subject: Consent letter for _______ (child name) having Passport No. _______ (passport number) for traveling to ________ (country) with _______ (Parent Name) Dear Sir/Madam, I, _______ (Name of the Parent Giving Consent), having an address ___________ (Address), am ____________(Lawful guardian / Parental Authority) of my_______ (Daughter/Son) __________ (Child’s Name), … Read more

Consent Letter for Child Travelling Abroad without Parents

To, The _________ Officer, __________ (Address) Subject: Consent letter for _______ (child name) having Passport No. _______ (passport number) traveling to ________ (country) Dear Sir/Madam, We, _______ and ______ (Full name of the Parents), having residential address at___________(Address), are ____________(Lawful guardians/Parental Authority) of our _______ (Son/Daughter) __________ (Child’s Full Name), born on__________(DOB) and holding passport … Read more

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