Positive Feedback Letter for Customer Support – Sample Customer Support Feedback Letter

To, ___________ (Receiver’s Details), ___________ (Company Name), ___________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Feedback letter Sir/ Madam, My name is _______ (name) and I am a resident of ________ (mention location). This letter is in reference to the customer support that I have been seeking from your company for _________ (mention purpose) bearing ticket number … Read more

Letter Asking for Feedback – Sample Letter Asking for Feedback for Services Used

From, ___________ ___________ (Sender’s Details) Date: __/__/____ (date) To, ___________ ___________ (Recipient’s Details), Subject: __________ (mention subject) Respected _________ (name of the receiver), My name is ____________ (name) and I write this letter on behalf of ___________ (mention name of company). With due respect, I would like to thank you for using our services and … Read more

How to Write Feedback Letter for Fitness Class – Sample Feedback Letter for Fitness Classes

To, The Concerned Authority, __________ (Name) __________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Feedback for a fitness class Dear Sir/ Madam, My name is ________ (name) and I am a resident of ________ (location). I have been taking the fitness classes provided by your company for the last ________ (duration). I took membership of your fitness … Read more

Feedback Letter for College by Student – How to Write a Review Letter for College

To, The Principal, ________ (College Name), ________ (College Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Feedback letter Respected Sir/Madam, Most humbly, my name is ______ (name) and I am a pass-out student of ________ (Branch) of your reputed University i.e. ________ (University Name). My student ID number was __________ (student ID number). I am glad to provide … Read more

Feedback Letter to Insurance Company – Sample Feedback Letter on Insurance Claim

From, __________ __________ __________ (Sender’s Details) Date: __/__/____ (Date) To, The Manager, __________ (Insurance Company Name), __________ (Company’s Address) Subject: Feedback on insurance policy claim Dear Sir/ Madam, I am ______ (name) and I do hold an insurance policy from your company bearing policy number __________ (policy number/ customer ID/ any other). I am writing … Read more

Letter to Client Asking for Feedback – Sample Letter to Client Requesting Feedback

From, __________ (Company/ Your Name) __________ (Address/ Contact) __________ (Sender’s Details) Date: __/__/____ (Date) To, __________ (Client’s name), __________ (Client’s Address) __________ (Client Details) Subject: Requesting Feedback Sir/Madam, Hope this letter finds you in good health and in high spirit. This letter is in regard to your purchase of _________ (Product description) made on ________ … Read more

Feedback Letter After Training Session – Sample Feedback Letter Regarding Training

From, __________ __________ __________ (Sender’s Details) Date: __/__/____ (Date) To, The ______ (Receiver), __________ (Company Name), __________ (Company’s Address) Subject: Feedback for training Dear Sir/ Madam, My name is _______ (Name) and I have attend the training _______ (training topic) from __/__/_____ (date) till __/__/____ (date). Most joyously, I am writing this letter as a … Read more

Request Letter to Client for Feedback – Sample Letter Asking for Feedback from Client

To, __________ __________ __________ (Recipient Details) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Requesting feedback Respected Sir/Madam, This is with reference to your purchase of ______________ (Product) with ______________ (product details). It has been almost________ (Days/ Months/ Years) since our supply and we hope you must be having a pleasant experience using our product. We hereby request you … Read more

Feedback Letter for Online Class – Sample Feedback Letter

To, The Principal, __________ (Name of the School), __________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Feedback for the online classes Respected Sir/ Madam, My name is __________ (Name) and I study in class __________ (Class) of your prestigious school i.e. __________ (School Name). My roll number is __________ (Roll Number Issued). I am writing this letter … Read more

Letter to College Principal Regarding Feedback of the Interview

To, The Principal, ____________ (Name of the College) ____________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) From, _____________ (Name of the Student) _____________ (Name of the Department) Subject: Feedback regarding the interview Respected Sir/Madam, With due respect, I ____________ (Name of the Student), belonging to __________ (Name of department, College), and having roll number/enrolment number _______________ (Roll Number) … Read more

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