When writing an invitation letter for a school's annual day function to parents, it's important to be clear and polite. Provide all necessary details such as the date, name of the event, and reasons for invitation. Ensure clarity in expressing gratitude for their presence and avoid vague language or missing essential information to convey the message effectively.

Table of Contents:

Invitation Letter to Parents for School Annual Day Celebration

The Principal,
_________ (Name of the School),
_________ (Address Of School)

_________ (Name of the Parent/s),
_________ (Name of the child for reference, class)

Date: __/__/____

Subject: Invitation For Annual Function (name of the annual day, year)

Dear __________,

We are delighted to announce the name of our ______ (Number of Annual Day), which is to be held on _______ (Annual Day Function Date).

We whole-heartedly inform you that we have chosen you Daughter/Son _________ (Name of the Student) as the ________ (School Captain) on the basis of his/her _______ (excellent performance throughout the year).

This letter is a sincere invitation to _________ (Name of the Parents), to be a part lamp lighting ceremony.

We would be grateful and obliged for your delighted presence. We would await your humble presence.

__________ (Name of the Principal),
__________ (Name of the School),
__________ (Signature)

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  1. What should be included in a school annual day invitation letter to parents?
    • The invitation letter should include details such as the date, name of the event, reasons for the invitation, and any special recognitions or awards.
  2. Why is the lamp lighting ceremony mentioned in the invitation letter?
    • The lamp lighting ceremony is often a significant part of school events, symbolizing enlightenment and knowledge. Parents are usually invited to participate in this ceremony.
  3. Should parents respond to the invitation letter?
    • While it's not always necessary, it's courteous for parents to RSVP to the invitation letter to confirm their attendance or express regrets if they cannot attend.
  4. What should parents do if they have multiple children in the school?
    • If parents have multiple children attending the school, they should expect separate invitation letters for each child, specifying their respective roles or recognitions.
  5. Can parents bring guests to the annual day celebration?
    • Depending on the school's policy and capacity, parents may be allowed to bring guests to the annual day celebration. However, it's advisable to check with the school administration beforehand.

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