Invitation Letter for Participation in Conference – Sample Invitation Letter Requesting for Participating in the Conference

To, __________ (Name), __________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (date) Respected Sir/Madam, I am __________ (name) and I write this letter on behalf of __________ (company name). I am glad to inform you that we are conducting a conference on __/__/____ (date) and for which we please your kind participation in the conference. Respected, the motive of … Read more

Invitation Letter for Business Meeting – Sample Letter of Invitation for Business Meeting

From, _________, _________, _________ (sender’s details) Date:__/__/______ (date) To, _________, _________ (Recipient details) Subject: Meeting invitation Dear _____ (name), With reference to the mail/ letter received from your end regarding the meeting on behalf of _______ (company name), I am writing this letter to formally invite you to attend a business meeting on __/__/____ (date). … Read more

Invitation Letter for Retirement Party – Sample Invitation Letter for Retirement Party

From, __________ (Name), __________ (Address), Date: __/__/____ (date) To, __________ (Name), __________ (Address) Subject: Invitation for retirement party Dear _______ (Name), As you are well aware of the fact that, I am getting retired from the position of _______ (mention designation) from __________ (organization name). I have contributed ____ (years) years of my life for … Read more

Invitation Letter for College Reunion – Sample Letter of Invitation to Invite for Reunion for College

Date: __/__/____ (Date) To, __________ (Name of the student), __________ (Address of the student) Subject: Invitation for college reunion Dear ___________ (name of the student), This is to inform you that our College has decided to organize a reunion for its students and it is our pleasure to invite you for the reunion event. The … Read more

Invitation Letter for Meeting with Agenda – Sample Letter to Invite for Meeting Stating the Agenda

Date: __/__/____ (Date) To, __________, __________ (Recipient details) Subject: Invitation for college reunion Dear Sir/Madam, Greeting of the day! I write this letter on behalf of __________ (mention company name) company in order to invite you to the meeting that is scheduled for __/__/_____ (date) at ___________ (company name). This is to state that the … Read more

Birthday Invitation Letter to Teacher – Sample Letter to Your Class Teacher Inviting Him/Her to Your Birthday Party

To, _________ (Name of the teacher), _________ (Address), Date: __/__/______ (date) Subject: Birthday invitation Dear Madam, Through this letter, I would like to invite you to my birthday party on date __/__/_____ (date). The party has been organized by ______ (myself/friends/family/other) at _________ (venue). It would be really appreciated if you could spare some time … Read more

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